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Renewable Flat Roof Solutions: Solar Panels

With the cost of solar panels lower now than decades before, now is the time for property managers and business owners to start thinking of sustainable and eco-friendly roofing solutions.

Google has recently unveiled Project Sunroof,  a tool that estimates the productivity of a solar roof based on weather data, satellite imagery and shade calculations. The project features a “Savings Estimator” and a “Project Overview” to help buyers understand the process. Currently, it is only available to parts of the United States. Canadians and the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer to utilize the tool.


The bright side is that SUNMetrix is a Canadian based company with a similar goal and offers Canadian addresses to receive estimates on potential solar savings.

New installations and properties in the market for a flat roof replacement should heavily invest in the though of solar panels and the benefits of solar energy. Coupled with a long-term flat roofing solution, a high quality flat roof with solar installation can last up to 30 years and equate into thousands of dollars in savings.


Durable & Long-Lasting Flat Roofing Solutions

warehouse-flat-roof-leakA warehouse is a key component of any supply chain, acting like a heart in which company assets flow, serving as the main point between manufacturer and client. In this sense, you want to keep the warehouse operating smoothly and efficiently without being slowed down or clogged up.

To support businesses in this undertaking, Roof offers durable and long-lasting flat roof systems for commercial and industrial facilities. Just like a warehouse, a flat roof must be maintained and kept in an orderly condition to function efficiently. If poorly maintained, damage inevitably occurs and flat roof leaks spring. Not only are flat roof leaks a headache to deal with, but they have been known to have significant impact on a business.

Your Final Flat Roofing Solution

Roof keeps company assets safe and secure, minimizing and eliminating the risk of damage to the interior and inventory. Have your flat roof inspected for any signs of damage and eliminate the risk of flat roof failure.

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