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Renewable Flat Roof Solutions: Solar Panels

With the cost of solar panels lower now than decades before, now is the time for property managers and business owners to start thinking of sustainable and eco-friendly roofing solutions.

Google has recently unveiled Project Sunroof, ¬†a tool that estimates the productivity of a solar roof based on weather data, satellite imagery and shade calculations. The project features a “Savings Estimator” and a “Project Overview” to help buyers understand the process. Currently, it is only available to parts of the United States. Canadians and the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer to utilize the tool.


The bright side is that SUNMetrix is a Canadian based company with a similar goal and offers Canadian addresses to receive estimates on potential solar savings.

New installations and properties in the market for a flat roof replacement should heavily invest in the though of solar panels and the benefits of solar energy. Coupled with a long-term flat roofing solution, a high quality flat roof with solar installation can last up to 30 years and equate into thousands of dollars in savings.

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