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Commercial Flat Roof Inspections

Approximately two-thirds of all construction lawsuits are because of roof problems. During the application process, the quality control service that Roof Maintenance.ca provides is invaluable.

Industrial Flat Roof Inspections TorontoAs you know, the best time to get a good roof is at the time of installation. Afterward it is too late! When reducing costs on roof construction, one place not to economize is one the presence of the person doing the quality assurance inspection.

There are a number of different types of roof inspections and we offer all of them including infrared roof scan inspections, aerial roof inspections, and visual roof inspections. Which type of roofing system you have will depend on the type of inspection that will be most effective.

We offer roofing consultation services which include complete analysis of your present roof condition, inspection of structural components, roof deck and roof insulation. We analyze your flat roofs drainage situation, and identify whether you may need more insulation, drains / scupper or other roof components installed to improve your roof’s performance and extend its service life. We will provide you a complete report of what has to be done on your roof, identify parts you may not need and make the repairs needed to prolong the life of your flat roof. We can also negotiate with your Architect or Property Management on your behalf, to get you the right products and services.

"If I were building owner, I'd take a good roof inspection over warranties any day because if you have a good inspection, you shouldn't need the warranty." Dick Fricklas - Technical Director of the Roofing Industry Educational Institute (RIEI)

Visit the below pages for information on some of our flat roof inspection services including:

Or call Roof Maintenance today for a flat roof inspection quote.

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