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Commercial & Industrial Flat Roof Replacement in the Greater Toronto Area

Example Modified Bitumen Flat Roof Replacement

Cost-Effective Flat Roof Replacement

There is no universally standard solution for flat roof replacements – every measure must be individually planned and each project requires special demands in workmanship and execution. The methods required to replace your flat roof depend on thorough investigation, evaluation and detailed planning.

Before we replace your flat roof or create an individually tailored flat roof replacement plan, a site inspection is required. When the construction and condition of the flat roof are known in detail, a decision can then be made on the remedial measures of the flat roof.

A complete tear-off and replacement of an existing flat roofing system is warranted if one or more of the following situations exist:

  • Tear-off is mandated by the building code.
  • The existing roofing system has deteriorated beyond being serviceable as a substrate for a recover system.
  • There is extensive moisture below the membrane.
  • The existing roof system attachment cannot provide the wind up-lift resistance or fire protection required for the new roof assembly.
  • There is significant deterioration to the underlying structural deck.

Is a flat roof replacement justified?

Industrial Flat Roof Replacement Mississauga

When the area of wet roofing exceeds about 25 percent of the total roof area, the cost of repairing the wet areas begins to approach the cost of tear off. If the subsurface moisture is extensive — 30 to 35 percent or more of the entire roof area — it usually makes no economic sense to recover the existing roof because the wet materials must be removed before reroofing.

Partial replacements, patch-ups and flat roof recoveries become difficult to justify if the damage and deterioration leading to the need for servce is due to aging, weathering and long-term exposure to the elements. If the deterioration is extensive, general patch-ups and flat roof repairs will rarely solve the problem. For example, replacing deteriorated base flashings or pitch pockets may temporarily eliminate a specific source of water intrusion, but continued patch-ups of individual components will rarely be cost-effective.

We service all flat roof types:

We provide high quality and cost effective flat roof replacement and recovery services. We will provide you with written estimates of flat roof replacement and recovery options best suited for your roofing budget, free consultation and further analysis on the status of your current flat roof.

Start today, contact us to schedule an appointment and end your roof trouble.

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