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Flat Roof Replacement - Commercial & Industrial Roofing

flat roof installation

For all properties with a flat roofing system, there comes a time when it is more cost effective to install a new flat roofing system than to continually deal with roof problems year after year. All flat roof replacement projects require professional expertise in investigation, planning and workmanship.

 Flat Roof Leak Investigation Toronto

Flat Roof Leak Investigation

With the use of non-destructive and industry leading flat roof inspection methods, there is no guessing in our flat roof inspection system. Thermographic imaging allows our technicians to determine the extent of moisture damage your flat roof has sustained and exact areas in need of service.

Core cut samples allow us to determine the amount of moisture in the flat roofing system and verify the scanned locations. These samples may be weighed, dried and re-weighed to provide a measure of moisture content.

In a flat roof replacement project or flat roof recovery system, it is critical to remove all wet roofing materials prior to completing any roofing work in order to prevent the damaging effects of trapped moisture.

Ignoring trapped moisture or failing to properly eliminate it can snowball into a multitude of issues such as:

  • Increased energy costs caused by reduced R-Value in the insulation. Wet insulation poorly protects the interior of the building in extreme temperatures. This means HVAC units must work harder and consume more energy, in turn reducing the life expectancy of the HVAC system components itself.
  • Flat roof deck damage is always a concern and can result in the worst possible outcome, a collapsed flat roof caused by excessive load on the roof.

When 30 percent or more of the entire flat roof area contains subsurface moisture, the cost of a re-roof or repairs begins to approach a full tear off, making economic sense for a flat roof replacement.

Commercial Roof Management

Planning a Flat Roof Replacement

If large areas of a commercial or industrial flat roof are in need of service, or if serious leaks have developed, postponing a flat roof replacement can pose multiple safety issues. Flat roof leaks cause damage to the interior of the building, operations downtime, damaged inventory, machinery and more. Having your flat roof maintened under a flat roof maintenance plan helps to avoid and prevent such situations.

At Roof Maintenance.ca we provide you with free consultation and detailed written estimates suited for your flat roof replacement projects. We install durable and cost effective flat roofing systems backed with a leak-free warranty.

Commercial Roof Replacement Toronto

The Effect of Quality Workmanship

As one of the best flat roofing companies in Toronto, RoofMaintenance.ca does not sacrifice the quality of our flat roofing systems for cost. Professional installation is critical to ensure water tight seams, proper construction and a leak-free and self-sustaining flat roof.

We are a flat roofing contractor with the experience, material knowledge and a track record to give you the peace of mind that your roof will be in good hands. At Roof Maintenance.ca, when your flat roof is leaking, our professionally installed flat roofing systems offer long-lasting and durable flat roof replacement solutions that last beyond their lifecycle costs.

We can restore, recover or replace all flat roof types:

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