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Industrial Roofing - Toronto

Industrial Roofing Toronto

Industrial roofing systems are particularly exposed to environmental damage. Even on the highest quality roofs, damage can be caused by:

  • Extreme pollution, sludge formation (eg: by foliage, industrial dusts, etc.)
  • Contamination and blockage of gutters and emergency drains
  • Damage caused by chemical exposure
  • Damage caused by unauthorized access or improper use of the roof (attempted break-ins or vandalism)
  • Unprofessional and unsuccessful installations or repair attempts by third parties
  • Environmental damage (hail, wind ice, snow) on skylights and the flat roof surface

Industrial Roof Vents

At RoofMaintenance.ca, we plan and execute economically optimized industrial roofing solutions to you ensuring cost effective, durable flat roofs. We back our workmanship with a 7 year leak free warranty and promise quality and and a lasting flat roof. Trust an industrial roofer with the knowledge and experience to assist you in any roofing problem.

  • Engineered Waterproofing
  • IR Scanning / Thermal Imaging
  • Industrial Roof Repairs and Full Replacements
  • Thermal Insulation Work
  • Elimination of Moisture Damaged Insulation

Our industrial roofing services give our clients the peace of mind of having a leak-free flat roof. Many building owners have a tough decision when determining if they should have their flat roof repaired or replaced. This decision can be made easier with a proper inspection. Whether the job calls for industrial roof repairs, replacement or recovery, we get the job done right the first time.

Call us today for a free estimate. Ask about our 7 year leak-free warranty!

We repair all types of industrial roofing systems!

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